Quintana de Uña

Chair: Javier Quintana de Uña

Chief Executive Officer, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Yanfei Zhao

Yanfei Zhao

General Manager, Baidu, Inc.
“Search an Architectural Engine of Baidu”
Wu Guoqin

Wu Guoqin

Vice Chief Structural Engineer, CCDI Group
“An Alternative Structural Story of Two Towers”
Li Yan

Li Yan

Global Manager, PTW Architects
“Flowing From History to Renew”

The most dynamic and exciting companies of our time are in the technology field. The workplace culture of these companies demands spaces as innovative as their employees. In essence, they seek a careful balance of efficient space and a high-quality experience, one that encourages spontaneous interactions and creative thinking. In the high-rise condition, this has meant the campus-like concept once favored by tech firms now translates into the sky, placing outdoor and common-use spaces in close proximity to the workforce. This program, held at the headquarters of Internet search company Baidu, easily identified by the outdoor social stairs climbing through the gap in its split façade, explores the energetic, creative and efficient new paradigms in high-rise office design.

Venue: Baidu Headquarters

Program Hosted & Organized by:


Monday 8 April Schedule:

1:40 pm Provided coaches will depart Grand Hyatt
2:30 pm Arrival & Coffee
3:00 pm Welcome from Host
3:05 pm Presentation 1
3:25 pm Presentation 2
3:45 pm Presentation 3
4:05 pm Q&A
4:20 pm Tour of Baidu Headquarters
5:00 pm Delegates depart from off-site program on provided coach
5:30 pm Arrive at Grand Hyatt Shenzhen for an Off-Site Social
6:00-7:30pm All off-site program delegates come together for a reception to socialize and unwind for the evening

About This Program Location

Baidu Headquarters East Tower

About Baidu Headquarters East Tower

In the high-density setting of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, a new comprehensive research and development (R&D) office building has been built for Baidu Group, consisting of two high-rise towers and a set of interconnected circular courtyards. The East Building consists of two wings, skewed into a V-shaped plan, with the core pushed from the typical center position to the junction of the wings.

The central design concept revolves around the notion of “connectivity,” easily associated with one of China’s largest technology companies. This extends across the towers’ orientation on the landscape, which guides users through the campus from one side to the other, through to its use of a system of external staircases, which also take advantage of the region’s balmy climate. The… Read More

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