An overall exterior view of the Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower, overlooking Millennium Park.

View of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan from Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower.


Wednesday, 30 May, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm
Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower, 30th-Floor Event Space

This special reception held on the first evening of the Conference will give VIPs and honored guests the opportunity to mingle in the fantastic setting of the Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower. Kindly sponsored by Lotte Property & Development, the reception will take place on the 30th-floor, offering expansive views toward Millennium Park to the south, and the Lakeshore East development to the north.

The tower is notable for having been constructed in two phases, nearly a decade apart. The first phase was completed in 1997 to a height of 125 meters (33 stories), with the intention that the second phase would be constructed as the needs of the sole tenant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, grew over time. This plan was put into motion in 2006, when construction began on the second phase, which would bring the height of the building to 227 meters (54 stories) following its completion in 2010. As a result of its long-term design planning, there is no visible distinction between the old and new portions of the building, providing a seamless, integrated expression that now achieves its full height and appropriately fits into the Chicago skyline. The event space for this reception is located near what was the rooftop of the first phase.

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Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower

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300 East Randolph is a unique combination of a build-to-suit headquarters and a multi-tenant office tower in downtown Chicago. The design concept defined an initial building to serve a company’s immediate needs and planned for vertical expansion in the future. Thus the building was constructed in two phases, with the second phase of construction occurring on top of the fully operational phase one, without interrupting existing tenant operations. The project’s 33-story, first phase was completed in 1997 and in 2006 the decision was made to proceed with the initial plan and add 24 stories on top of the existing building. Nearly a decade separated the two phases of construction.

The initial foundations and structure were designed and constructed to support the fully expanded building.… Read More

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