Best Tall Building 300-399 meters Award of Excellence: Zhuhai Tower, Zhuhai

Guo Guiqin
Executive Vice President
Zhuhai Huafa Urban Operations & Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, Zhuhai

Michael Morgan
Design Director
RMJM, Hong Kong

A Fluid Centerpiece for Zhuhai

The completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and undersea tunnel, the longest sea crossing and the longest fixed link in the world, has positioned the Hengqin region of Guangdong as one of Southern China's primary financial centers. The Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Center, part of the wider Shizimen business cluster, is home to Zhuhai Tower. The office and 250-key hotel building is the anchor and focal point of the multifunctional development, standing at a prime location on the west bank of the Zhu Jiang (Pearl) River Estuary. As a centerpiece for Zhuhai's urban development, the large-scale complex was the result of collaboration with over 40 international consultants. The convention center and integrated plaza take the fluid form of an architectural “urban ribbon;” the tower rises as a vertical, sinuous extension of the ribbon. As its profile subtly changes, the fluted form is reminiscent of a sculpted glass vase. With the smooth exterior curtain wall, the tower evokes a trophy that shines on the shore of the South China Sea.

The tower excels in all national benchmarks for energy saving. The development was designed based on principles such as orientation and shading to lower energy consumption throughout different solar cycles. The curtain wall glass panels are coated with an advanced double silver low-e coating technology to reduce heat transmission, while permitting daylight penetration. Environmental mortar and autoclaved aerated concrete block are used as partitioning materials to achieve improved sound insulation, together with strength enhancement of the structure. Its unit weight is only one-third of general clay bricks, and its thermal insulation performance minimizes the need for air conditioning by reducing heat loads.

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