Best Tall Building under 100 meters Award of Excellence: Infinity, Sydney

Iwan Sunito
Group Chairman and CEO
Crown Group, Sydney

Koichi Takada
Koichi Takada Architects, Sydney

Landscaped Terraces, and a Sense of Unlimited Possibility

Infinity is a mixed-use residential building, located at the gateway of Green Square, which is envisaged as a new town center in Sydney. The project, inspired by the shape of an “infinity” symbol, engages with the public through architecture, becoming a seamless interchange of public and residential activities. The relationship to the plaza and public domain, and the solar amenity, has sculpted the tilt of the two “loops” and the gentle transition of the building form: One loop activates the public plaza and streetscape; the other provides residential amenities and open space. The public courtyard activates the center of the building with retail uses and open space. The connection through the site enhances the pedestrian movement toward Green Square Plaza, becoming part of an improved pedestrian and public domain. The landscape areas contribute to the character of the Green Square master plan.

The guiding concept of a “landscape tower” uses terracing and level changes to connect the building from multiple angles. The design creates an experience of being within the landscape, much like experiencing Sydney’s undulating topography. The integration of landscape and building, as well as public and private domains, is key to the design. The aerodynamic form is driven by the maximization of solar infiltration into the landscape zones and the central courtyard, as well as the communal open space at the Level 2 terrace. The large aperture draws daylight and air into the heart of the public courtyard. The cascading terraces are shaped to allow more daylight to the public plaza and ensure the Green Square Library, built below the plaza, receives ample natural light.

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