Best Tall Building 300-399 meters Award of Excellence: The Address Beach Resort, Dubai

Shaun Killa
Design Director
Killa Design, Dubai

Elias Haddad
Development Director
Al Ain Holding, Abu Dhabi

A Landmark Portal Between Sea and Land

Three key contextual considerations drive the design of The Address Beach Resort: the urban skyline, site location and pedestrian connectivity. The building is located at the end of the noisy and fragmented Dubai Marina. The architectural vision was to create a landmark building, which, in its pure form, will stand out as a truly unique building and clearly mark the end of the urban context. The site offered an opportunity to locate the tower closer to the beach and beyond the skyline of the remaining Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR); the building is therefore placed right at the setback limitation. It is also rotated to offer unobstructed views to Bluewaters and Palm Jumeirah, and along the beachfront.

One of the main aspirations of the building design was to create a distinctive, elegant and timeless form. Elliptical in plan, with a void in the center that serves to increase daylight penetration and unobstructed views to the Palm Jumeirah, JBR beach and the horizon. Inspired by radial patterns found in nautical elements, the podium and landscape are designed in such a way that it peels off the building and elegantly fans out onto the beach. It is broken down into terraces of greenery, outdoor restaurants and pools that cascade into each other. A series of grand stairways on the terraces allows visitors to walk from the beach up to the lobby without going into the building, creating a relaxed, resort ambience where visitors experience different vantage points and connections as they move around the landscape.

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