Reimagining The Office For The Future of Work

Samu Salmelin
Head of Major Projects
KONE Corporation, Espoo

The office has broken its physical boundaries. It is time to reimagine it as an experience and innovation platform and make the user experience customized and seamless with smart building solutions and ecosystems.

“Reimagining the office for the future of work” envisions how the office can be transformed into a place that offers new opportunities for employees, tenants, building owners and managers.

Offices will still be in demand, but they will need to transform to people-centric environments with dozens of solutions that need to be aligned and integrated.

Our vision centers around four lasting shifts that are expected to prevail in the postpandemic world:
- Transition from a fixed office location to multiple workplaces
- Prioritization of employee well-being, safety, and security
- Increasing utilization of solutions that promote sustainability
- Increasing adoption of digital tools and ways of working

Our vision explores four ways in which the reimagined office will be brought to life:
- Redefining user experience
- Redesigning spaces
- Reinventing office as a service
- Rethinking sustainability

In this CTBUH conference presentation we will explore these four ways and discuss examples how they could be realized, focusing on people flow experience in buildings.

For the future office to become a reality, it is important to consider both how to incorporate these new innovations into new constructions and how existing real estate assets can be successfully retrofitted.

Businesses, developers, architects, and engineers need to rethink and act now to bring about meaningful change and make going to the office an irresistible, but highly efficient and sustainable experience.

We invite the industry to reimagine the office of the future with us, and contribute to both the vision and its implementation.

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