Lighting Beyond Fixture – Integrated Solution for High-Rise Tower Lighting

Chiming Lin
Brandston Partnership, Inc., New York City

Lighting a high-rise tower today is a challenge due to the façade materials change, more dynamic forms were designed and the tower height increased dramatically. Floodlighting was used back in the last century to enhance the form, texture, layer, set back…and many other architectural elements that can be appreciated by people at night. But it can no longer meet the architectural design trends. Also the energy saving and light pollution issues are big concerns when applying floodlight.

With the development of LED technology, lighting designer can have more freedom to come up with creative ideas that not just light up a building. Whether it’s a dot, a line or a surface, LED can be assembled to meet the design requirements. The advantage of LED is the small size, low energy consumption, low heat generated, flexibility and furthermore, it can be programmed for dynamic lighting effect. However, a more complex lighting system requires an integrated solution and LED fixture becomes part of the curtain wall façade element. A well-coordinated team ( mainly architect, curtain wall consultant, MEP consultant and lighting designer ) is the key for a successful project. We will share two of our CTBUH awarded projects to explain how we work with the architects to develop a cohesive design that goes beyond lighting.

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