CITIC Tower- City’s new height

Chuan Xin Liang
Vice President and General Manager
CITIC HEYE Investment CO., LTD., Beijing

How do we define the relationship between man and city?

How do we look back to the past and envision the future?

How can we link culture with buildings?

How can we find the meaning of life in the concrete jungle?

There is one super tall building that has become a landmark second to none to this city. Its elegant posture is giving the city a new character. Its new height is offering its people a new perspective. Its vitality is giving the city a unique expression.

At the foot of the 528-meter-tall building is a city that keeps expanding. Above 528 meters is a new height that people and society are striving for. Staying true to our feelings and striving for innovation, CITIC Tower tells the story of people and the city.

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