Construction Award of Excellence: The Clement Canopy, Singapore

Felix Hartanto
Business Development Manager
Dragages Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Using the PPVC Method to Speed Construction

The tallest building to use a reinforced concrete prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) system is the two-tower Clement Canopy condominium project in Singapore. PPVC is a method in which free-standing six-sided volumetric modules—complete with finishes for walls, floors, and ceilings—are prefabricated and then erected on site. It takes about 10 cubic meters of concrete to make a 24-metric-ton PPVC module. In-process tests and inspections were conducted throughout the works at the factory, ready for the final stage of delivery / installation. The structural work of each level was completed in a six-to-seven-day cycle, with nearly 80 percent of internal finishes already complete when the modules were installed. This increased the productivity an estimated 40 percent compared to conventional construction. Approximately five to seven of the 1,866 modules were lifted and assembled within a single day. At the construction site, two high-top tower cranes were used to complete the “Lego-style” installation process. As result, the development maintained a clean construction site, achieved a high-quality product, and reaped the financial benefits from a shorter construction period.

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