Best Tall Building 400 meters and above Award of Excellence: The Exchange 106, Kuala Lumpur

Weng Hoo Lai
Chief Executive Director
Mulia Group, Kuala Lumpur

Presenter to be confirmed

Creating a “Golden Triangle” Within Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur’s rapid economic growth, and the maturity of its existing urban centers calls for further expansion into underutilized areas. Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), the 72-acre (29-hectare) development adjacent to the Bukit Bintang shopping and entertainment district, will complete the third "arm" to Kuala Lumpur’s vision of the “Golden Triangle.” The Exchange 106, a mixed-use supertall tower, is the centerpiece of the financial quarter and the focal point of the TRX master plan. It is centered in the development and will be surrounded by over 20 lifestyle, office, and residential buildings. Of the total site area, 24 percent is dedicated to open space, most of which will be a large central urban park.

The floor plan of the tower is a square with circular elements. The square representing equality, and the circle representing strength, is the very essence of Islamic architecture. The shape of the tower is an extrusion of the rational plan, gradually tapering to the top. A 27-meter-high atrium, at the edge of the 14-meter-tall lobby, is adjacent to the park and provides connectivity to the public realm. A central core plan with five lift zones of eight lifts each, in conjunction with shuttle lifts, provides high-speed travel via destination control to all floors. Eight shuttle lifts ascend to Level 57, serving two floors of restaurants, the observation deck, and the upper two lift zones. The highest office level, 106, is within the 65-meter-high, 12-story faceted crown. Its specialty interlayer glass provides two distinct manifestations: during daylight hours, sunlight emphasizes its reflective, faceted form; at night, transparency is enhanced through illumination of the lantern, creating a magnificent display of lights.

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