Innovation Award of Excellence: Turbo Twin Parking Lift

Johannes Jaeger
Executive Partner
Jaeger Kahlen Partners Architects Ltd., Shenzhen

Jakob Kartenbeck
Founding Partner & Managing Director
Kartenbeck und Lang Architekten, Berlin

Tackling Congestion in Shenzhen

Part office space and part high-tech car park, the Hybrid Tower typology in Shenzhen seamlessly integrates 500 parking spaces into its design, increasing buildable area under zoning regulations and maximizing the value of the project to both the client and the city. The Turbo Twin Parking Lift optimizes for both spatial efficiency and car-loading times, maximizing the amount of useable office space while still providing a quick and reliable parking service. The design of the parking system features six turbo lifts that allow cars to be loaded or retrieved in under 90 seconds. This—combined with a spatially-efficient approach to storing cars in a portion of the 14 above-grade floors—allows a total capacity of 500 vehicles while leaving the most possible floor area for offices.

The innovative parking deck helps alleviate the growing parking needs of the dense city of Shenzhen, reducing overcrowding. At the same time, including parking in the program allowed for more buildable space under zoning regulations, increasing the value of the project to the client. The lift allows rapid car retrieval, ensuring a reliable and convenient parking experience.

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