Panel Discussion

20 May 2021
UTC: 3:45 AM – 4:45 AM

As the world’s population increasingly occupies cities, the optimization of at-height spaces and connections pushes the urban realm into the third dimension, providing the possibility for greater texture, dimension, and utility than ever before. An increased emphasis on the role of the atrium, skybridge, and skygarden in knitting the tall building into public realm has activated a proliferation of special programming and design features, ensuring that visitors and occupants alike find value in them. Investing in these spaces, many of which include free and publicly accessible amenities, may not offer a direct return, but through the inclusion of themed retail, restaurants, and other amenities, may offer a clear and rich elevation of the entire community that they serve. This session discusses the programming of skybridges, skygardens, and atriums and explores the possibilities of the types of value they can generate.

Jaron Lubin
Partner, Safdie Architects, Boston
Pearl Chee
Director, WOHA Architects, Singapore
Tom Kwan
Vice President / Branding Director, CityGroup Design Collective CO., LTD, Guangzhou
Satoshi Ohashi
Director, Zaha Hadid Architects, Beijing
May Wei
APAC Office Leader, Shanghai Office Director, and Principal, Individuals, Shanghai