Panel Discussion

20 May 2021
UTC: 5:40 PM – 6:40 PM

Given the increasing need for housing, office, and commercial space as the globe’s population moves to urban areas in greater numbers than at any other point in history, the matter of how to deliver shelter in a way that is carbon-conscious and resource-efficient is at the forefront of urban issues. One means of addressing this need lies in mass timber, whose renewable and carbon-sequestering properties make it an ideal material in fostering sustainable vertical urbanism. Representing different perspectives within the tall timber industry, these panelists discuss the cutting-edge innovations, techniques, products, and applications shaping the world's mass timber projects.

Antony Wood
President, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Chicago
Tim Gokhman
Managing Director, New Land Enterprises, Milwaukee
Lisa Podesto
Senior Business Development Manager, Design Build Americas, Individuals, San Jose
Jeff Spiritos
Principal, Spiritos Properties LLC, New York City
Rainer Strauch
Managing Director & CTO, CREE Buildings, CREE GmbH, Bregenz