CTBUH 2019 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference Off-Site Programs took place in key developments and buildings throughout Shenzhen. In each of the five programs, delegates attended presentations related to the location of the program, followed by in-depth tours of the sites, led by professionals involved in each project. Pictured: Delegates take in the dramatic shape of Hanking Center Tower from the exterior.
 Delegates received visitor stickers for their tour of Baidu Headquarters during the 2019 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference.  
Attendees of the ‚ÄúSocial Stairs, Flowing Space‚ÄĚ Off-Site Program at Baidu Headquarters, which was kindly hosted and organized by Baidu and CCDI, listened to presentations from¬†prominently involved professionals in the split-fa√ßade tech campus, such as¬†Yanfei¬†Zhao, General Manager, Baidu Inc.¬†
The Off-Site Program ‚ÄúSocial Stairs, Flowing Space,‚ÄĚ included a tour of Baidu Headquarters,¬†from which stunning views¬†of Shenzhen¬†can be had¬†at any time of day.¬†
Delegates listen intently to a presentation on how interconnectivity was crucial to the design concept of Baidu Headquarters. 
On the roof of Baidu Headquarters, an ornamental crown structure provides delegates with a protected space from which to view the scenery. 
The Off-Site Program ‚ÄúInserting a Tall Gateway into an Established Neighborhood,‚ÄĚ took place at¬†Centralcon¬†Shangsha¬†/ C Future City, and was kindly hosted and organized by¬†Centralcon¬†Group.¬†
Delegates at Centralcon Shangsha / C Future City listen to a series of presentations centered around sustainable urban renewal in dense cities. 
Attendees of the Centralcon Shangsha / C Future City Off-Site pose for a group photo at the building site, which will soon host multiple towers along the shore of Shenzhen Bay.
For the Off-Site Program ‚ÄúOffset Core as Enabler of Social Workplaces,‚ÄĚ kindly hosted and organized by¬†Hanking¬†Group, attendees gathered at the¬†Hanking¬†Center Tower for a series of presentations on the role of offset cores in increasing leasable area.
Tim Wu, Marketing Vice President,¬†Hanking¬†Group, delivers a presentation entitled ‚ÄúLegend of the Super High-Rise Building: Steel Structure Giant,¬†Hanking¬†Center¬†Tower,‚ÄĚ during a Shenzhen Off-Site Program.¬†
Karl Fender, Founding Partner, Fender Katsalidis, points out a building feature on the under-construction Hanking Center Tower, which is the world’s tallest building with an offset core.  
Hanking Center Tower’s offset core offered unique upward views of the buffer space separating the core from the rest of the building. 
A reflective surface on the podium of Hanking Center Tower highlights a group of eager tour-goers. 
This well-illuminated multi-floor circulation area was a point of interest for delegates touring Hanking Center Tower. 
Attendees of the Off-Site Program ‚ÄúTerraced Connectivity Between Towers,‚Ä̬†kindly hosted and organized by Parkland Group,¬†enjoy three presentations about integrating mixed-use complexes ‚Äď in this case the eight-tower One Shenzhen Bay ‚Äď successfully into an urban environment.¬†¬†
Delegates take a tour through the external environment of One Shenzhen Bay. 
Delegates were treated to the view from the top of One Shenzhen Bay. 
Ye Zheng, General Manager of Design and Development Center, Parkland Group, explains the interplay between a mixed-use urban development and its urban surroundings in the context of One Shenzhen Bay.
A delegate asks a question during the Q&A at One Shenzhen Bay. 
Blake Sanborn, Principal Director of Landscape Architecture, AECOM, snaps a photo in front of the step-and-repeat backdrop at One Shenzhen Bay, following his presentation overviewing the landscape design for the complex.
Presenters of the Off-Site Program, ‚ÄúHeight, High-Fidelity Operations and Hyper-Connectivity,‚ÄĚ kindly hosted and organized by Ping¬†An¬†Real Estate, delivered a series of presentations on the connectivity of Ping An Finance Center to several modes of transportation.¬†¬†¬†
The CTBUH Board of Trustees convenes¬†for the Trustees Meeting at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen.¬†From left to right: CTBUH Trustee Charu Thapar, Regional Director and Head of Strategy & Platform, JLL; former CTBUH Trustee & Secretary Tim Neal, President & CEO,¬†CallisonRTKL; CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner,¬†alinea¬†Consulting; CTBUH Vice¬†Chairman David Malott, Founder & CEO, AI.; CTBUH Chairman Vincent Tse, Managing Director Building MEP ‚Äď China Region, WSP; incoming CTBUH Trustee Shaofeng Wang, Chairman, China State Construction Overseas Development Co.¬†
CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, presents outgoing CTBUH Trustee & Secretary Tim Neal, President & CEO, CallisonRTKL, with a plaque commemorating his service at the 2019 Annual Board of Trustees Meeting in Shenzhen, China.
Excitement is in the air as delegates arrive in Shenzhen to register for the 2019 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference. 
The CTBUH Bookshop is open for business, featuring dozens of cross-disciplinary publications ‚Äď most notably the second volume of the Tall Buildings + Urban Habitat series, featuring¬†all of¬†the Award of Excellence winners being honored at the conference.¬†